4 More Basics for a Not-So-Basic Wardrobe

So. You’ve gotten yourself a great foundation for a solid wardrobe. (Check out the first 5 Basics that make for an awesome foundation  here.) Now what?

Friends, I have another four awesome pieces that you can build your wardrobe around. They’re versatile, timeless, and can be tailored to whatever style you use to express yourself!

(Just a reminder. I don’t make any money from these links, and none of these companies have paid me to endorse them. These are just a few companies I have loved clothing from, and the items shown were helpful for this post.)

1. A white button up shirt. This is such a classic! You can find it on everyone from my favorite Audrey Hepburn, to Marilyn Monroe, to Eva Longoria, Lauren Conrad, and Kate Hudson, each making it her own! You can get this piece in cream or ivory if you find those shades look better on you. Just choose your favorite light neutral color. Choose one that can be worn with jeans or tucked in to a skirt. A crisp fit will look dressed up with jeans and booties. A textured or soft-lined cut will have a more fun, casual look with sandals or shorts.

white button up
From Old Navy here.

white button up 2
From Gap here.

2. A versatile, cute blouse. Find one that has a cut that flatters you. The more pieces you can wear your blouses with, the more different outfit combinations you can create. This helps your wardrobe from feeling repetitive or boring. A great blouse can be paired with your jeans and a pair of pumps to create a classy outfit for date night, you can tuck it in to a pencil skirt for work, or you can wear it with shorts and your flip-flops to a summer barbecue!

blouse 1
From Piper & Scoot here.

blouse 2
From Free People here.

3. A striped long sleeve shirt. Black, white, and navy are the most simple and timeless, but you can find them a ton of assorted colors to go with your style!  This is another staple that is so easy to dress up or down. They come in so many different fits, with lots of choices for necklines. Take the time to find one that fits you well, so it can become a go-to, grab-in-a-pinch piece for you! Choosing a darker color with lighter stripes can be slimming. Horizontal stripes also draw attention to your waistline to make you look more slim as well.

long sleeve
From Everlane here.

long sleeve 2
From Gap here.

4. Leggings. Leggings can tend to be seen as comfy and casual, maybe even just going-to-the-gym clothes, but they can also be used to bring texture to an outfit or a pattern to an otherwise-simple combination! You can choose to have your leggings make a statement when they are made from a fun material or with bright colors, or they can be used to wear under something for comfort, warmth, or to add layers to a look.

legging leather
From Free People here.

legging knit
From Madewell here.

I hope these are helpful for you to take and make your own, with your own unique style! If you have one of these pieces already in your wardrobe that you love, leave a picture in the comments! Would love to see how you style it!

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