10 Ways to Make Easter a Big Deal for Your Kids This Year

Easter will be a little different this year. Or a lot different, am I right? #quarantine

Over the past few years, I’ve been convicted about how we usually spend months planning and preparing and counting down for Christmas, and Easter so often doesn’t seem to get the same kind of investment or attention from us.

Jesus dying and rising to life again is the BIGGEST event in history, and the best news to us as believers! The past couple of years, I’ve done my best to make Easter a bigger deal in our home and to come up with ideas that help to make for days of understanding and celebrating what Easter means for us. It is especially important this year to be sure we are not skipping over Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection and that we give them their proper honor and celebration amidst the craziness happening in the world.

In no particular order, here are some ways we can make Easter a big deal in our families this year!

1. Make a countdown chain.
Cut some strips of paper, decorate them with markers and stickers, and tape or staple your chain together! In our home paper chains mean something super great is happening when we get to the last chain, and it helps my kids to visualize how many days we have left.

2. Get Easter outfits.
Decide to dress up for Easter, even if you don’t go anywhere! Picking out new, fun clothes (that all match, if you’re into that!) can make a day feel extra special.

3. Talk it up.
Use words like “celebrate,” “blessings,” and “exciting.” Remind them what it is you’re making a big deal of, on the daily! (There’s power in remembering, friends!) Have your kids pick out some fun Easter paperware to be festive for your family’s little party! Involve them in the process.

4. Buy flowers.
I love flowers for any and every occasion, so I may be biased, but flowers brighten up a space and remind us how creative God is, how He takes care of us, and how He is attentive to the details.

5. Decorate.
Most Easter decor is bright and cartoon-ish and all in colors that don’t spark my joy, if you know what I mean. With a little hunting, you can find some things in your style to put around the house to remind you of what’s coming and what you’re celebrating. You can even make some of your own decorations with your kids – then it doubles as a craft and decor!

6. Make a traditional Easter food together.
Research the history of how people have celebrated Easter! Pick a dish that looks fun to try, and spend the afternoon taking your sweet time and making all the messes together before you eat the fruit of your labor!

7. Read, and act out, the Easter story.
Get all of your senses involved. Play the storyteller, get creative, and ask your family what they think people in the Easter story would have seen, smelled, or thought. The more we put ourselves into the experience, the more things stick with us.

8. Do an egg hunt around your house.
We started putting rocks in our eggs the night before, while talking about how sin is heavy and ugly and we need someone to save us from it. In the morning I replace the rocks with a chocolate chip and hide them, and we get to talk about how Jesus takes away our sins and how salvation is so sweet! A simple way to get the Gospel message across to littles.

9. Have a worship session.
Play some worship songs. Dancing and loud singing is encouraged. Worship and praise Him together. Take communion as a family. Take turns talking about how good God is, and all that He has given you and done for you.

10. Put together Easter baskets.
You don’t need to make them elaborate or expensive. Get some things that call out who your child is meant to be or what they are good at. Chalk for your creative artist. An oven mitt for your baker. Colorful pens for your writer. A maraca for your musician. Plastic animals for your animal enthusiast. Speak over them who God has made them to be and the things you see in them. Jesus made them, knows them, and died for them specifically!

Tell me which ones you’re going to try this year! I would love to hear!

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